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The subtleties of communication are changing in this new virtual world of Face-to-face communication. Sales, business meetings, or even relationships often start online utilizing a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc. In a nutshell, being physically present in the same location is becoming a relic of the past.

Enter Micro-expression analysis, which allows for an in-depth examination of any person or group captured by an image or screenshot. Micro-expression analysis employs a computer-driven program that generates an emotional-algorithm to predict the probability of consensus behavior, thought, or a purchase decision among individuals or groups.

Now more than ever, a deeper and more profound understanding of nonverbal communication in the virtual world call is essential. People express their emotions using verbal and nonverbal cues in many ways. Numerous studies recognize the importance of body contact, posture, physical appearance, gaze, and the individual's tone of voice as an indication of thought. Yet, individuals tend to feign, hide, distort, or even exaggerate emotions with guided intention. Still, spontaneous facial expressions endure for seconds, and an individual is hard-pressed to conceal them.

Micro-expression analysis offers an opportunity to see thoughts behind the expressed behavior. It is a self-validating process that any individual, organization, or company can test. Whether you are trying to estimate the probability of individual or group consensus to a posed question, the likelihood of a profitable sales call, or even if a relationship is on the same page, you have a chance to test out if micro-expression analysis will work for you.

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MindGlimpse can analyze anybody

Example 2

Analyze multiple people to see their compatibility

Example 3

These results can be used in a plethora of ways


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Sign up for an account.

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Hit the confirmation option in your email. It will take you back to mindglimpse.com. Enter your coupon.

Once in the program, hit the Analyze tab.

Upload a picture from your files or copy one directly from the internet by right-clicking and copying the image. Then you can paste it into the program by Ctrl V.

Once your picture appears in the program, hit submit.

If you click on Person 1, etc., at the top left of the page, it will give you a qualitative printout.

If you click on Person 1, 2, 3, etc., above the radar graphs, it will allow you to hold constant the image findings and enable you to compare micro-expressions visually.

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Guiding Principles

Learn About out Guiding Principles

  1. MindGlimpse uses a standard and accepted algorithm to analyze micro-expressions.
  2. MindGlimpse has one primary goal, which is to provide raw data to enhance decision-making.
  3. MindGlimpse by the design promotes fairness, providing quantitative data to qualitative expressions.
  4. MindGlimpse does not make decisions; you do.
  5. MindGlimpse allows researchers the ability to train or model their data to answer questions.
  6. MindGlimpse does not store or maintain any images or reports.
  7. MindGlimpse consistently tests micro-expressions for reliability and validity.
  8. MindGlimpse understands [Adverse Impact] and finds that happiness or a smile is universal.
  9. MindGlimpse offers printouts of proprietary findings as only an example of research possibilities.
  10. MindGlimpse does not recommend, predict or screen any image; only your models can do such.
    MindGlimpse is only a tool, similar by analogy to a power drill; depending on the project, it can have many uses but consistently functions by design, only in one way. The final build is up to the user, not the drill.


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